Prem & Associates is a dedicated law firm which offers legal services in strict adherence of the most rigorous professional and ethical standards. We are a dynamic, persuasive, successful and highly effective practice that has created a thriving, synergistic practice. What we offer our clients is goal-oriented representation by sophisticated, experienced lawyers at reasonable rates.The firm is capable of handling any size matter, in any court, anywhere, with attorneys who are both professionally and personally committed to the client.

Our objective is to bring matters to a successful and expeditious conclusion, without waste and redundant staffing, in the belief that clients want progress, not a grinding process.  To that end, we are committed to providing our clients a prompt, efficient, successful resolution in the best interest of our client.

We focus strongly on the needs of our clients and their respective businesses. Our client base requires a rapid response, appropriate advice and innovative legal solutions based on a full understanding of their individual business needs. The practice is built on its reputation of exceptional service delivery coupled with appropriate and outstanding skills and expertise. We believe in following a holistic approach to ensure that our clients receive the best advice at all times.

The partners of Prem & Associates have in the past worked for reputable legal firms, and are used to working to extremely high standards whilst we understanding that each client have personal legal needs as well. Thus we strive to fulfill and adapt accordingly to their legal needs so that our client are always satisfied with our representation. The firm values the trust clients place in them and work hard to provide solid, effective representation to meet those diverse legal needs.

With a foundation built on longstanding relationships with our clients, the firm offers personalized service and accessibility, attention to detail, and consistently favourable outcomes. At Prem & Associates we always strive to achieve our goal, where our client always comes first while providing the best legal service to our clients.